Home Solar Panels Installation: 5-Steps Complete Guide

More than a million houses in the United States have already switched to solar power, and many more are contemplating the option. If you’re considering installing solar panels of your own, you’ll likely like to know what goes on during the process.

After comparing bids, choose the best solar panel installer and system. Check the quality and kind of solar panels, the installer’s reputation, and system prices before deciding.

Let’s look at a five-step home solar panels installation beginner’s guide.

Step 1: Set Up the Scaffolding and Attach Roof Anchors

Before installing solar panels on your roof, the technicians must set up scaffolding around the structure.

Installers can safely and securely access the top with this phase, which generally takes a full day.

The installer will lift a part of the roof tiles to secure the anchors in the attic’s rafters. This will ensure that the solar panel mounting has a solid base and is not harmed during bad weather.

Step 2: Secure the Solar Panel Mounting

Once installed, you can attach the solar panel mounting equipment to the roof anchors. The solar panels’ foundation will be supported by a framework that spans the roof in vertical and horizontal directions.

The solar panel anchoring mechanism keeps the panels in place and angles the boards for most sun exposure.

Step 3: Install the Solar Panels

Once the anchoring system is in place, it’s time to put the solar panels on the roof for the first time.

Initially, the installer will simply place the solar panels on the mounting system. Afterward, the installer will tighten all the bolts and nuts on each board to ensure that it is securely fastened.

Step 4: Connect the Inverter to the Solar Panels

Pre-wired panels only need the inverter connected. Smaller solar panel installations feature single wires connecting to the inverter.

An inverter converts the DC electricity generated by a solar panel into AC. You can install the inverter indoors or outside near the breaker panel.

Based on the scale of the system, it should take anywhere from 4–6 hours to install the inverter.

Even though this process appears simple, it’s best to leave this task to a skilled professional because mistakes can quickly be made. Nonetheless, if you do this independently, you’ll need to turn off the electricity to your house first.

Step 5: Wire the Inverter to the Consumer Unit

You must connect the inverter to a consumer unit to generate power. Attach a generation meter to the system to measure solar panel output. Use a computer or other device to check your solar system’s functionality.

After installation, ensure that everything is operating correctly. Turn the power back on and verify if everything works.

Some people use a solar battery to store more energy for evenings or overcast days. During the inverter set-up process, connect the inverter to the solar system’s batteries.

How Much Time Do I Need to do Solar Installation at Home?

Solar panels take two days to install. Even if you’re not mounting panels on your roof, it will take less time because of the scaffolding. Once the structure is up, installing panels takes a day.

Factors like size, complexity, and stormy weather (which will postpone the work) will delay the solar panels' installation.

Save Money by Buying a House with Solar Panels

Buying a house with solar panels will cut maintenance costs, improve home equity, and reduce electricity bills. Solar panels offer a long lifespan and eco-friendly health and environmental benefits.

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